Monday, June 11, 2007


Well today we got the official diagnosis of asthma for James, I figured he would get it eventually just not so soon. Since going off his Flovent in April he has had a couple of small wheezing spells but nothing concerning but last week and again today we were in the drs office for real difficulty breathing. Poor baby has to go back on the Flovent start 3 more weeks of prednisone and will try singulair to see if it helps. He is a champ though I thought for sure the kid was gonna throw up he was coughing so much yet he still kept up with his sisters. Dr Martin called him a happy wheezer!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bye Bye Highchairs!

YAY NO MORE HIGHCHAIRS!!!! I'm so excited I took the highchairs in the garage and we ate at the table tonight. The kids loved sitting in their big chairs at the big table and actually ate better than usual. For the last week or so dinner has been awful James has been having meltdowns and no one was really eating but tonight was pleasant.
We even turned off the TV and talked well as well as you can talk to 19 month olds that only speak gibberish! Now the only delima is that they will have to feed themselves everything from now on including yogurt and oatmeal because I can't reach them all. They are doing really well with a fork and spoon now though so hopefully we can manage without making a HUGE mess.