Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zoo much fun

What do you do when the weather is a gorgeous 80+ degrees? Well if you live near one of the best zoos of course you pack a lunch and head straight over! Yesterday was one of those perfect days that really make me glad to be a SAHM.

Got the kids up, fed, and dressed and met some friends at the zoo for a morning of fun. We renewed our membership because both Jim and I adore the zoo and can't wait for the kids to feel the same, and I can honestly say 2 of the 3 think it's pretty cool! Any guesses who's still holding out?

James my poor scarddy cat little man! It really started with lots of promise but quickly the baby monkey terrified my son. If I had a video camera I swear I could have won America's Funniest Home Videos! We were standing behind a small space of glass watching the monkeys swing and play and this little monkey about James size ran straight to the glass in front of James and smacked the glass and ran off, I promise the monkey was laughing! The girls squealed in excitement and I about died laughing but James screamed! The baby was playing with him, maybe it was a boy monkey and he has 2 sisters as well and he was saying "hey buddy I know how ya feel".

This was not our 1st trip to the zoo we had memberships last year and I took them at least once a month through the spring and summer. This was however the most fun trip. We took a single stroller and my friend with 3 year old twins brought her double and the kids all took turns riding. I really wanted them to walk more just to get used to it but they wanted to ride in the stroller. It was so nice not to have that giant triplet stroller or the choo choo wagon that while is adorable is a pain in the a** to get through lots of people and even more difficult to get close to the animals.

The best part was we weren't an exhibit at the zoo! You triplet mommies know what I mean. Even though they were all in matching orange shirts (so I could quickly find them in a crowd if we got separated), I only had one are they triplets comments! This was pretty cool we didn't get tons of stares and all the bigger kids weren't pointing and yelling look 3 babies! Usually people are trying to run me down or follow me and yelling can I see your babies, are those twins? You know the stupid comments that prolong your visit even longer and makes you want to shield your children from the ignorant questions that are sure to follow?

I have to admit though in a way it was a little sad I have gotten so used to all the extra attention and of course I think my children rock so it was pretty different.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No stroller needed!

What happened to my sweet little babies? They aren't babies anymore!

Took the kids to the mall today I had something to return and then we just wondered around. We were in the mall for a whole hour with no stroller! Can you believe that? It is just craziness I tell you. They were so good I am so proud of my big babies!!!! They held hands the entire time, never touched anything they weren't supposed to and they never ran away!
I just realized I punctuated with a LOT of exclamation points but I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (heeheehee)

We had another big kid moment when we got home...... James let our dog Trooper in from the back yard. Yes this is important because that means he figured out how to unlock the door lock and the deadbolt and then open the door. This is terribly scary since we have a pool in our back yard that isn't fenced in. So from now on we must lock the very top of the door and need to discuss an alarm for the door I think. I have a small cheap alarm on the door now but it sucks everytime you open the door it goes off great but it doesn't ever quit either without completly turning it off.

I just can't believe my kids are getting so big they are talking up a storm and I'm even beginning to understand more of James! Not sure if I'm understanding more of what he is saying because it is getting clearer or if I'm just learning his language. Is there a way to slow this process down? I've tried talking to them and explaining that mommy isn't ready for them to grow up yet, but they just laugh at me.
Off to buy bricks for their heads maybe if I can't contain the inside I can at least slow down the outside!

Aurggg ignore this misspelling, spell check isn't working.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Our first (yes the date is wrong)


Isn't it amazing how we've changed!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thngs they say

I've learned recently that I have to be careful about all words that I say not just the bad ones.

  • Thanks- ok not really bad but coming from my 2 year old doesn't sound right
  • I'm busy- Eek do I really tell my kids I'm busy a lot?
  • Daddy's old- ok now who told them that one?
  • I need a haircut- I hear this one every day and yes it's true but I'm not really brave enough to take them all to get a haircut by myself
  • what else- I was prompting Katie to tell what she had for dinner and she would repeat something and then say and what else
  • fat- I don't remember who it was in reference to or how it came up but why does a 2 year old know the word fat?
  • not right now- ya I hate it when I ask them to do something just to hear that!
  • mommy do it - this one goes right along with
  • I do it
  • brother did it
  • James broke it
  • James bit me- poor kid gets blamed for everything he needs to learn to speak soon!
  • dang it, dang it, dang it- OMG this is so stinking cute!

There are lots more these are just the ones on top of my brain tonight. Gotta go study now I have a test tomorrow and another Tuesday yuck!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Dinnertime Woes

Where oh where did my good little eaters go? Where oh where did they go?

Dinnertime has become such a fiasco that many nights I would just like to throw my hands up and say whatever!

Dinner at my house is usually just me and the kids, Jim comes home just before bed. I try to make something simple and healthy for the kids and I. Tonight dinner was enchilada layer cake (yummy weight watchers recipe) and sauted zucchini and onions. There was nothing new on the plate they have eaten this before, they all wanted onions and sour cream like me. Katie just liked the sour cream off her spoon and then played, James just sat there and asked repeatedly for more milk. My Abigail my usually not so great dinner eater was eating ahhhhhhh. I finally took the plates away and James and Katie and informed them they were through and welcome to get down at any time, this turned into full on scream so off to the quiet chair one at a time. Once they calmed down they started playing in the living room until I brought out the grapes for Abigail and then they were right back at the table again. I told them no grapes for them they didn't eat dinner, again back to the quiet chair for Katie and then James.

This continued until Abigail got down and I did the dishes. So my children went to bed without any dinner! OMG am I a bad mommy or what?!!? I refuse to be a short order cook they eat what they are served or they wait for the next meal. If it is something new and they try it and don't like it I'll make them a PBJ but only in that instance.

Here are some new pics notice the new orange shirt? I love this shirt!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You want me to do what?!?!

Got the kiddos up and out early this morning and to the ENT for James's check of his tonsils and adnoids. I expected it to be completely normal appointment so I didn't worry about bringing the girls and the distraction. Not exactly normal but nothing really alarming.

First off he looks at James's tonsils and tells me they are a little enlarged (didn't seem to bothered by this), then he looks in his ears and tells me there is a lot of fluid behind his ears and asked if he had many ear infections. He has had 3 in his life, one of those just a month ago. It's possible the fluid is just residual from this infection but he wants to see us back in a month to recheck them.

He then informs me that there was a part of the hearing test he was concerned about but it could be because of the fluid (my fingers and toes are crossed). Here is the part that I really needed my fairy Godmother to remove all the children so I could talk to the dr without interuption, although I really needed her to return my ears to my head so I could listen without hearing over and over "I'm concerned about this hearing test"! I swear the Dr said those words and all questions and rational thought went out of my head.

The best I heard and I don't understand sorry is that he passed the volume part something about 25 being the cut off for passing and James had a 25? I looked on my friend google and I'm thinking he was talking about decibles in which case the lowest volum he hears is 25 decibles and this is ok. The part that I don't understand was something about side to side hearing and him not having a peak. He showed me a picture of what the graph is supposed to look like and James's was on top and the 2 looked nothing alike.

Again all of this can be explained by the fluid as can the speech so a part of me will be ok if the fluid is still there because that would explain why I can't understand him, he is saying what he hears and if there is fluid it is garbled for him.

Since his tonsils were enlarged he wants to get a better idea of the adnoids so he wants me to watch James's sleep and report to him next month. Does he snore? Is he restless? Ok ok ok I know you guys are all thinking whats the big deal stick your head in the room after he is asleep and see or maybe you are thinking "gee lady why don't you already know these thing?".

Here is my problem and please no flames but I'm probably the only mom in the world that doesn't check on her kids after they go to bed at night. First off I'm near blind in light but I'm completly blind in the dark, second I don't have great sleepers and why in the hell would I risk awakening my children once they are asleep?

When they were really little I used to check on them and cover them up and no big deal somewhere along the way I got tired of not sleeping and started closing their door so they would be less likely to be disturbed. I know bad mommy, I have gone in on occasion when someone was sick to check breathing but it always ends up waking 1, 2, or 3 babies and dang it I don't want to wake up 1, 2, or 3 babies!

So I tell the dr that this would be difficult since they shared a room and his answer "I know". Not I understand, no suggestions basically he was telling me I need the answer your the mom figure it out. Any ideas moms? I've thought of a video monitor but I really don't have an extra $100 laying around to buy one and I've asked in my local MOM's group if anyone had one they would lend me but no takers.

I'm throwing this out to you very smart moms, how do I find out how my son is sleeping? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!