Saturday, August 30, 2008

Toddler Beds

I'm just a little stressed about the thought of toddler beds. I've always known that someday my kids would have to be moved out of their cribs but I was really hoping that day would be closer to kindergarten (only half kidding here). I'm not exactly sure what it is that stresses me out so much but let me tell you I'm having nightmares about it.

Potty training seemed way less scary to me than going to big beds. Part of it is that I get up at 3 AM to go to work 4 days per week and I don't want to fight them staying in bed. Part of it is that I have had so many people tell me that once they made the move to big beds they lost naps or naps became a challenge and since I get up at 3 I need MY nap! Really though I think that this is really the last part of the baby stage. I know in my head that they are almost 3 and not really babies anymore but cribs are the last line before the babyness is all gone I think.

Once I make the move I will no longer have babies and I'll never again have babies. I know that unless there is a MAJOR act of God I will never again have cribs in my house. I'm not ready to be through with the baby stage and move full force to toddlers.

The decision has been taken from me though and now I must make the jump and take the cribs away. I'm going to have surgery in October and I've been told I can't pick them up for 6 weeks afterwards thus they need to be able to get themselves in and out of bed. I'm going to have a part of my c-section reopened to have an incisional endometrioma removed and a hernia repair.

I'm happy that after pain for 2 years I finally have a diagnosis and finally a plan to make it go away. I'm even a little excited that there is some answer and it's not in my head. However I'm still a little scarred, not about the surgery but by the changes that must take place before hand.

I'll let you know when I get the beds and get them together and I'm sure I'll need lots of encouragement to get through it!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toddler Triplets can be fun!

Some days I can't wait for nap time and then I count down the minutes for bed. Sometimes I start thinking about opening a bottle of wine long before 5o'clock anywhere! Then there are days maybe even just hours that I think "wow this must be what true happiness is".

We go through phases of each some are very short and others last a while. Potty training triplets is definitely not high on my list of fun things and certainly not one of those things I'm sad I won't get to do again. However who ever said that diapers were more of a pain than having them potty training LIED! I may never again have a meal in a restaurant that isn't interrupted 50 times with "I need to potty". I may visit every bathroom between here and Oklahoma at least once and I will miss the ease of changing a diaper in 5 seconds and being done with it!

James is doing awesome, we had some tough days going through every pair of underwear the boy had and the girls love to remind him to "push your penis down". today we ran errands and were gone for about 3 hours and James kept his pull up dry the whole time and Katie wore panties and kept them dry! This was the first time I've attempted to leave the house without a pull up on any of the kids but she did great. Abigail still has a poop accident every couple of days and she couldn't really care less if her pull up gets wet while we are out but she does great at home.

I signed the kids up for gymnastics today and I'm so excited they are finally big enough to take any classes, up until now there had to be one adult per child and well, I'm a little out numbered!

Tonight after bath Katie snuggled on my lap and played with my hair and "cut" my fingernails and patted me. Then she said "I love you mommy". I'm hearing more and more of those precious, wonderful words these days without prompting and wow it feels good! They also like to tell me I'm pretty and I'm a good cooker. Is this what it feels like to be popular? Being looked up to and having a "group" think your cool? I never was the cool person in school but I sure feel like one of the cool group now!

They are so much fun when they aren't so much work! If only I could get them to clean up their messes and I could figure out a way to make them sit at the dinner table without a thousand spills. They love to play chase and hide n seek, and my personal favorite is watching them play ring around the Rosie with daddy. They comfort each other when they are sad and hurt and they talk to each other like real people.

I know this post is a lot of rambling today but I can't help but feel overwhelmed with love and appreciation for my children tonight and I really just wanted to share with everyone how much fun my kids are!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pee Pee in the Potty!!

My baby boy is now pee peeing in the potty!!!! I'm so excited in 24 hours he has only had one accident. I'm so excited and proud of him I can't hardly stand it.

He is very proud of himself and even more excited to wear "panties". I keep trying to correct him that boys wear underwear but he has heard panties so long with the girls now he just isn't getting it.

Now if I can just figure out how to get him to hold it down when he pees so he quits peeing everywhere we would be doing wonderful. Poor Abigail was standing in front of him yesterday when he peed for the first time and he peed on her! It was very funny. I've told daddy that he has to teach him I can't but since daddy is only home for an hour in the morning and an hour at night before bed it is going to be really hard.

The really tough part is rewarding him and not the girls they don't really understand. It was one thing when they were potty training and I told him he couldn't have a treat because he didn't pee pee in the potty, they do so I can't use that line now. I've been using group rewards so far as in if James pee pees on the potty all day they all had m&m's last night. If James poops in the potty we can share I pack of smarties. Not sure what else to do since he isn't really into stickers like the girls were/are.

As for swimming I now have 3 future olympic swimmers! They have all lost their fear of the open water (not sure this is a good thing since we have a pool in our backyard). They all jump in the pool from the side and Abigail can even swim without her floats and loves to be pushed down so she can sit on the bottom. I insist she wear arm floats when I'm by myself but when there is someone else in the water she is doing great all by herself.

If I could only figure out now how to get them in swim lessons. I don't have any help and everyone requires 1 adult per child at this age so I guess we will have to wait one more year. Thats probably fine anyway since they would most likely forget everything in a year anyway.

Ok I gotta go buy some potty treats and boys pull ups! Yay maybe I can quit buying diapers by the time they are 3!!!!