Friday, September 26, 2008

Best Friends

Abigail announced today that Katie is her best friend and then they kissed and hugged! OMG I can't tell you how my heart melted and I wished I had my camera in my hands. I have no idea where she learned about best friends but I'm sure jealous that at almost 3 she already knows who hers is.

I imagine that over the years it will change from day to day especially as we go through the lovely hormonal teenage years. Why didn't my mom give me a sister it's just not fair.

On the other hand it really made me wonder what will this do to James? Will he feel left out? Will he fit in with them or will he have to watch from the outside? How is it that the girls already have a closer bond with each other than James? I figured I had a few more years but do I really?

I know I ask myself way to many questions!

Monday, September 22, 2008

2 days down

Well we are done with 2 full days and so far it isn't as awful as I thought it would be! Yea!!

They have gone down now 3 nights without any fight and the last 2 they have stayed in bed all night with no problems. Naps are a little different but not as bad as it could be I guess. They really aren't doing anything different than they did in cribs except now they can get out and run around the room.

They have always talked and played in their cribs for a while before falling asleep and they are doing the same in the beds but James is getting out and running around. The girls do great they never get out of bed until someone comes to get them which is what I told them.

I've ended up laying on the floor and taking a little nap in their room the last 2 days to keep them in bed but I'm really hoping we can get past that soon because honestly the floor ain't that comfortable!

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement I'm really grateful to have you guys supporting me.

In other news James is gonna drive me to drinking soon. The boy is just crazy and God sure knew what he was doing when he only gave me 1 boy that's for sure. He does everything I tell him no to and no punishment seems to stop him. I've tried time out, I've tried yelling, I've tried whispering, and I've tried spanking and the child just laughs at me. I'm really at my wits end with him and ready to ship him off to the zoo so I can have a break.

Tonight after he peed in the potty he climbed in the bath tub with all his clothes on and emptied the bottle of shampoo on his arms and legs and then got out and ran around the house! I just don't know what else to do with him, any suggestions?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Done

Well we have done it. The baby beds are gone, 2 on the curb for the trash man and one hiding in the garage. Toddler beds have been put together, new pillow cases on them and my now "big kids" are sleeping in them.



Jim laughed at me when I fled the room crying, Abigail was so excited to put herself in her bed, James jumped right in, right out, and so on, and Katie had a small melt down but Abigail gave up her teddy bear and Katie settled in.

Fingers and toes are crossed and I'm praying to the Big Man upstairs that I don't seriously regret this decision.

Here are some pics of the monumental move for our household.

The last time they all slept in one bed almost 5 months old. Its funny but I can't remember now why one of the girls is naked?
I probably cried that day too!

Mommy made us all get in here together for one last shot!

Abigail loving on the teddy bear in her new bed

Abigail ready to go without the teddy bear!

Katie with the prize teddy bear and all her other sleeping buddies heaven forbid we take one out and now we have a new one.

Look at how excited he was!!! Can you believe that before we got home he told me he wanted his baby bed?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feeling Bad

I feel so bad and unsure how to explain differences to my children. While at McDonalds this morning there was a small group of children ages ranging from probably 4-15 along with a couple of adults that came in. My first instinct was they shouldn't be playing here they are to big (there was only 1 little one). My second thought was why aren't all those kids in school and finally maybe they are evacuees from Ike.

The kids had been playing as I visited with my friend and I hear Katie screaming coming down the slide. No big deal I think and really it wasn't but it is stuck in my head. Katie comes flying to me with James right behind her telling me "that boy scared me", "great I think to myself those big kids need to get out of here". She was really scared clinging to me and asking for yaya (her beloved lovie that stays at home) and I kept telling her it was ok I'm sure he didn't mean it it's ok. The woman with the children yelled to the boy to come down he had scared that little girl.

The boy came down and very quietly said he was sorry (he may of been around 10). I told him it was ok and thank you and told Katie see its all ok he didn't mean to scare you. She then says he was making noises. The woman with them is telling someone else that just came in what had happened and I over hear her say you know that growling noise he makes. So I tell her "ya she said he was making scary noises".

Ok so here is where my heart breaks and why several hours later I can't get the thought out of my head. She explained to me that the boy stutters a lot and makes noises and gets frustrated. OMG that poor child!! My baby was scared of him and all he was trying to so was talk! Katie obviously doesn't understand and I can understand why it scared her but I feel for that little boy. How awful to have little ones run crying to their mommy simply because of the way he talks.

I so want my children to have compassion and I know that there will be many times that we are faced with people of all kinds and that is really the only way they will learn. I can explain differences to them all the time but they are only 2 so they need a visual to understand and then how much can they really understand!!!

I don't want my babies to be scared but I also hate that their fear can hurt someone elses feelings. This mommy business just keeps getting more and more complicated!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I have NOT forgot

How I felt that day 7 years ago or how it felt to watch those towers fall with all those people inside. I have not forgotten all the hero's that ran inside thinking they would be bringing people out and instead ran into their own death. I have not forgotten watching people jump to their own death hundreds of feet in hopes of what.

I will always remember the way I felt when I turned on the television that morning a normal morning like every other and the pure terror I felt realizing this would not be a morning like any other.

I worked for a Dr's office and half our patients called to see if we were even open and the other half canceled their appointments to stay at home with their families close by. We had a TV in the office and kept in on all day for updates. I lived in another state away from my own family and I remember simply wanting to know that they were all at home and safe. When I found out my own mother was out of town and no one knew where she was because she was just on another business trip and forgot to mention it. I remember fearing for her alone and having no way to get home but at least she was safe.

I lived in an air force town and I remember the eerie quiet that night with no planes in the air or people on the road. Every channel was showing coverage of the attack on our country even the cable channels and in my lifetime I had never seen that before.

I still get chills thinking of that day and all the people that died. I also can't help but feel a great sense of pride that I live in America and am an American. There is no other country as great.

So today please take a moment to remember how you felt that day and say a prayer for all the families of those that gave their lives then and since and for all those that are fighting to protect us.