Wednesday, May 30, 2007

No tubes!

YAY Katie doesn't need tubes. We finally saw the ENT today and looks like all the damned antibiotics my child has taken since Easter have worked. She said she thought we would be ok since she doesn't go to daycare it's now past cold season and she is 18 months old.
I'm so excited I knew my baby girl was going to have to have surgery and I like my mom said we have to run out of such great luck at some point. Guess not yet.......

Monday, May 28, 2007

What a memorial day this is! Today I have such a heavy heart and am trying to keep faith in God. There are currently 4 families that I have been constantly thinking about and praying for this memorial day. I am counting my blessings and kissing my babies a little more. First family is the McKinny's here locally that just last Wednesday delivered their triplets at only 22 weeks and are now planning thier memorial. The second is the McConathy family with poor little Jaxon he has been such a fighter born March 2 and his brother and sister dying on March 8th, Jaxon is losing his battle and his mom and dad are having to make a VERY unimaginable decision for his life today. The third is the Fox family that lost their second triplet daughter yesterday little Nina is still hanging in strong and I pray will stay healthy and be home with her mom and dad very soon. The fourth family buried their 14 month little boy last week after he unexpectedly passed away in his sleep most likely from SID's.
How tragic for these families.... I don't understand how God can be so cruel and so kind at the same time . I feel so incredibly blessed to have 3 healthy happy beautiful children while these families are going through hell. I have cried every time I've logged on today and read something new yet I can't stop thinking of them and looking for updates.
What did I do to get so lucky? Why not them? These are questions I have been asking God for a while and I know that some day he will explain it to me today he is just busy welcoming his new angels and showing them their beautiful new home. Please hold them tight Lord and let them kiss their mamma's tonight.