Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Sorry I haven't posted sooner things have been a little off here. We came back Friday night and then I had to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday AM at 4 am that really throws everything for me. No one should have to get up at 3 AM that's just wrong on all levels!

I have also had serious issues with pictures not sure if it's my computer or what but I've had trouble with One True Media and Walgreens so forgive me. I'm working on pictures to share I promise.

The trip was wonderful we had a great time and I think everyone got along really well especially considering how many of us there were. The house was beautiful 2 story 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath with a fenced in yard and only a very small dune seperating us from the beach. We made a pallet for the kids on the floor in our room and they slept wonderfully someone always stayed with them until they were out but once out they slept great. I did learn they are serious movers though like me and we always found them scattered in far different places than they started.

The trip there and back was 6 hours and the kids were great although they did ask about 20 minutes in if we were at the beach yet. We watched Dora and Diego for pretty much the entire trip. They slept very little either way and yet they were still well behaved.

The beach was nice and they loved it not scared at all like last year. I was afraid to let Abigail more than 6 inches away from me because she LOVED the water and discovered that she could hold her breath and go under, this was not good for my nerves let me tell you. Katie and James were a little more reserved but they definitely enjoyed it as long as the waves were strong enough to knock them down or splash them in the face. We made and knocked down lots of sandcastles.

We took a ferry ride from Galveston to Crystal Beach and this was a very LONG boring trip the ride itself lasted 15-20 minutes but the 1 1/2 hour wait to get on was ridiculous! We took a duck ride which is a really old vehicle that travels on water and land another boring trip. We also went to the aquarium and the kids really liked that, Abigail ran from one exhibit to the next shouting "lets see more".

Katie stepped on a piece of hot coal that fell out of the grill on our last night there and has a good blister on the underside of 2 of her toes but she really hasn't complained to much about it and it doesn't look like it is infected or anything so I'm just watching it. Uncle Robbie stepped on one to she keeps telling me and he has an owie like her.

They were pretty rotten when we got home and it took a couple of days to get them to stop all the whining but they did sleep like little champs for the first 3 days!!

I promise to share pics soon and I'm going to try to be better about posting. It has been really difficult since I started back to work and things are a little strained at home right now putting me in a little bit of a funk but I'm going to try to be better I promise.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation YAY

Sorry I haven't been around this week I've been trying to get ready for vacation and I'm ashamed to admit I'm still not ready. We are planning on leaving around 9 am tomorrow so I only have a minute.

We are going to Galveston to spend a week on the beach with my family. We rented a 4bedroom house on the beach. The kids are so excited we have been talking about going to the beach for months now and even though I'm sure they are to young to remember going last year they ask nearly every day.

We have had no poop issues in almost a full week now thank God!!! Thank you all for your words of encouragement and sorry for those of you I scared. Hopefully that phase is over.

Anyway I won't have any Internet access for 1 week (I'm scared what e-mail will look like when I get back) so I'll post when we return and I'm sure there will be hundreds of photographs.

Have a great week everyone and keep your fingers crossed for me that 7 adults and 6 children can peacefully coexist in one house!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My (un)Sweet Boy

Is this the terrible 2's or am I losing my mind? Or am I losing my mind because of the terrible 2's? Very soon I'm going to be offering my son to the zoo he would get along great with the other monkey's!!

Remember my post a few days ago about the poop playing? Well it has continued it has now happened 4 times and I swear my floor and couch will never be the same. Can someone please explain the fascination of poop to me because I'm having a really tough time getting it. Yesterday in the amount of time it took me to move a load of laundry he had smeared it on about a 2 foot space of my carpet, down his legs, and across 2 of my couch cushions oh yeah and somehow on his sisters shirt!

Last night while separating more danged laundry (does it ever end?) he got a package of tomatoes off the counter and made tomato sauce on my kitchen table. He completely smashed at least 2 tomatoes and probably another 2 had little finger holes in them.

This morning I at least got him as soon as the hand came out of the diaper so I saved the carpet but geez!!!! So please speak up offer your solutions I'm ready to hear them as long as they don't include duct tape because he puts his hand through the leg hole not the top. Throw the suggestions at me please!

I think the circus is coming to town soon maybe I'll see if they need a gross new exhibit. The kid should be used to being stared at after all he is a triplet and has been stared at pretty much daily all his life.