Wednesday, July 30, 2008

At the pool

My kiddos are having so much fun in the pool these days. I'm just amazed at how well they are doing and this is without a single lesson. Just a week ago James refused to come off the steps and Katie wouldn't let me let go of that darn'd duckie.

Abigail is a natural she LOVES the water and can't get enough she has graduated to just the floatie bathing suit no longer needing the arm floaties. She loves jumping in and swimming underwater. I don't think she closes her eyes though because she complains after a while that her eyes itch.

James finally realized that his suit and arm floats wouldn't let him go under the water and now he can't get enough. He was the first to jump in without me there to catch him and after that there was no stopping him.

Katie well poor Katie is still scared a little much to Grandmas relief she is hating that the other 2 are so comfortable. Katie will now let me let go of the duck and she just kicks around the whole pool. She also discovered today that she could pee in the grass like Trooper (our dog) and must have gotten out at least 6 times today to do it.

I'm just amazed at the changes in them just a couple of weeks ago I was just getting the nerve to take them out to the pool by myself now we do it all the time.

I got tired of waiting for blogger to load my videos so if you want to see the others here are the ytube links.

It took 30 minutes to load this one!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun with our friends

Today we met our friends Isaiah and Grady at the mall for some fun. If you ask the girls who their boyfriends are they will tell you Isaiah and Grady, or as I like to refer to them as my future son in laws.

My friend Marilisa was also wonderful enough to get pics of me with each of the kids except Isaiah he wouldn't stay with me long enough.

Me and James

Thats all 5 but I had to hold Abigail in there Me and Grady

On the Merry Go Round
The boyz
Abigail and James
Katie and Grady- Aren't they adorable together!
Grady and James
Mommy and Abigail

Mommy and Katie

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Future Dr's or Prisoners?

I think I'm watching to much medical TV in front of my children lately. They have recently started playing Dr.

Here Katie is listening to Abigail's tummy

Here James is checking her ears.

Two Dr's geez this is gonna cost me a fortune!

And a little while later they all climbed into James crib and zipped them selves up.

Here is how they get out!

I can just see it now I'm either in for medical school or bail. Oh no I just realized there are 3 so maybe both?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dinner talk and lifestyle choices?

So tonight at dinner Katie made me laugh not once but twice so I have to share these conversations with you.

Katie- there's piwi in here
Me- yes there is KIWI in there
Katie- piwi?
Me- no baby it's K-I-W-I
Katie- piwi
Me- k like Katie how do you say Katie?
Katie- you say tator tot mommy....

Well gotta admit the kid is smart I do call her tator tot and have since she was just a couple of months old. I have no idea where it came from just one of those terms of endearment that stuck.

A little while later still while we were at the table she says....

Katie- Hurry I have to pee pee
me- go on baby
Katie- these crazy kids won't get my plate will they?

I think I probably spit out some food trying not to laugh. Those crazy kids!

Onto this lifestyle thing. Can someone explain to me why my girls want to be naked all the time? Every since we started potty training my girls have decided that being naked is the best thing ever. I just don't understand they have adorable clothes and we get dressed nearly every day but by 5 pm they are completely naked. Are they telling me they are going to be nudist? I'm not really sure I can deal with that. I do insist they put panties on for dinner telling them no naked dinner but other than that it's just not worth the fight. We mothers have to pick and choose our battles and to me this one just isn't worth it most days!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Only 1 person asked!

Well it has finally happened to me and I have to admit I'm kind of sad. Took the kids to the zoo today and only one person asked "are they triplets?".

How is it that I can miss this question? I learned to walk with my head down making eye contact with no one to avoid being stopped 50 million times. Now only 1 person notices and I miss it. We rarely take the stroller anywhere and so we are less noticible I know but geez doesn't everyone want to remark abour my babies? I knew the day would come but I guess I really thought we had more time.

We met my friend and her twins at the zoo and it was so much fun. We only took 1 single stroller mostly to carry the junk and just in case we needed it. The kids did great we were there 2 1/2 hours and they walked the whole time.

I love not having to lug that stroller and try to get it around people or work my way up to things and then the kids still can't see well. This way they climbed up on the fenced just like everyone else and were able to see everything great.

We rode the train twice and had a picnic lunch and the kids were just awesome I'm so proud of my big kids. We cut things pretty close to nap time so I had to sing and ask 50 questions on the way home but we managed to get home without anyone falling asleep thankfully.

On another note I have to say I'm a big fan of Dora now she has taught my 2 1/2 year olds to count to 10 the colors red blue, yellow, and green and lets go all in spanish!! Really makes me rethink my view on tv!