Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Pay it Forward

2007 has ended showing the true kindness of strangers to me.

Today I took the kids to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things and got a few extras that were on sale. James and Katie were super excited because they got to ride in the front of the car cart or should I say drive while Abigail rode up front with me holding the groceries. I decided to use the self checkout line because I could have better control over the kids in the cart. I finished checking everything and then realized after tearing apart the diaper bag and my wallet that I had left my debit card in my purse at home. I took the kids out to the car just to check and very embarrassed went back in and they told me they would just hold it until I got back.

I took the kids out of the cart, stupid idea I should have just pushed it to the car and taken them out. James threw a horrible, terrible fit to get out screaming vroom vroom and throwing himself on the ground. So I carried him and held the girls hands in my other hand, this isn't any big deal we do it all the time and the kids are great about not running away. I told James as we were walking out the door to please stop I was already embarrassed don't make it worse, a lady smiled at me and said "oh don't be embarrassed it's no big deal". Abigail fell down in the middle of the parking lot and I had to carry her and James all the time trying to herd Katie to the car without holding onto to her very scary! I got the kids in the van and noticed that the lady from the door was standing there waiting for me. Well I had already lost my cool with James so I thought for sure she was going to give me a hard time but boy was I wrong. Instead she asks me to please stay while she buys my groceries so I don't have to come back and unload the kids all over again.

I felt a flood of emotions ranging from embarrassment that I didn't have my money and this woman must think I was poor, to overwhelming joy that there was that kind of person in the world.

She brought my groceries out and I fell all over myself to thank her and I cried like a baby. She just said "someday you will see someone that needs something so just pay it forward"!
Can you believe it? I have heard of this but never have been the receiver of such a thing how awesome!

So I'm on the watch out now for a way to brighten someone else's day the way this lady did mine.

Hope you all have a safe and happy new year I know that we will!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The things we do

The things we do for our children and the things Grandma allow for their grandchildren are just amazing!

I discovered earlier in the week while trying to put together some of the kids Christmas presents that we had a piece missing, I stupid piece but an important one that allows James raceway to be put together a stupid arm that holds up the top ramp. Well after searching high and low we decided it must have been thrown away.

So getting back to the things we do, tonight I went to my moms house and we emptied 3 large trash bags in her living room floor and went through each box and every scrap of paper. Fortunately the boxes and paper were in separate bags from the other trash! However, would you allow trash to be dumped in your living room? I think not!

Unfortunately 3 bags and countless bags later the piece is still missing. I paid more than $30 for this thing it was such a cool toy, um I mean Santa and his elves worked really hard to make this toy!

So now I guess I'll be contacting Fisher Price to see if I can just buy a replacement part or what I have to do, not sure if Walmart would take it back (ya know the North Pole is just a little to far).

Ughhhh next year I'm coming up with a better plan for those toys that have to be opened but don't get put together.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Wrapping Paper, Presents, and Tears

Finally I have recovered from Christmas and can share my day sorry it took me so long.

Christmas was as perfect as I envisioned it would be, only Aunt Linda and Uncle Darrell being here could have made it better.

We celebrated the only way I know how and that is we spent the night at Grandmas and opened presents with lots of family. The kids went down just a little after 9 and with the exception of Katie wanting to play from 230 to 4 am they slept until 715. Katie really just wanted Grandma but I didn't want to wake her next year I won't make the same mistake. James woke up first and we went around and woke everyone else and then he took off to the tree.

To say they were excited would be a serious understatement! OMG James started ripping open presents as soon as he got there not caring who's it was. Abigail squealed with delight and jumped up and down, and my Katie had the biggest and best smile like only my Katie could have. I swear that smile makes the world a better place.

We opened some presents and then sat down to have coffee, yes they had coffee too Grandma can't say no!

Then when Aunt Katie, Uncle James, Jimmy and Shelby got there and of course Mimi and Papa with Uncle Connor we opened the rest. Grandpa took James outside and gave him the present of the hour.

James got a Papacycle or as the rest of the world calls it a motorcycle. That child was so excited and so were the girls........ Until they realized there wasn't one for them to, oops Grandpa what were you thinking? The girls screamed, and cried and begged Papa for a papacycle. Papa only stayed strong for a few minutes before caving telling them "I can't get it today but I'll get you one". Now they eventually got over it and I really hope he doesn't get 2 more but I have to say it was the funniest thing in the world. We laughed so hard, we were crying. We were laughing at Grandpa and Mimi of course how in the world did they think they could get away with such a thing.

Later we had "champagne" (apple cider), yah I know coffee in morning, champagne at night I'm a bad mom! Turn me in already!

The kiddos went down early and are still trying to catch up on some sleep sleeping until almost 8 this morning. Maybe I'll get lucky and they will do that again in the morning! Keep them fingers and toes crossed for me!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who spilled the beans?

Alright fess up who did it? Who told my children Santa was coming? I know someone must have snuck and told them that he would be here soon. I just wished they would have realized that my children have no sense of time and they are expecting him everyday!
Well at least thats what I'm guessing since we were awake early again. Nope not 6 AM again, oh no this time we started the fun at 430 am!

Are you kidding me? No one should be awake at 430 no one, least of all me I like 8 hours of sleep every night.

James who never wakes up on his own in the middle of the night, he will jump up quick if one of the girls wakes up afraid of missing something but never on his own. Well last night he awoke at 430 and it surprised me so I checked on him like any good mother would right? Well he was fine as soon as I picked him up and Abigail was fine too so we sat on the couch and had a drink. 5 minutes later I asked if they were ready to go to bed the kid walked himself to bed and then screamed bloody murder when I put him in. Nothing was wrong with this child he just didn't want to be in his bed. I walked out and let the child scream, and scream, and scream, and scream some more. Finally daddy couldn't handle it anymore and thought well gee it worked so well when Misty put them in our bed yesterday lets try it again, so he put all 3 in our bed and left for the couch.

How well do you think it worked? Yep your right it didn't! Daddy was able to leave and go to work leaving me with 3 overtired 2 year olds, but I was able to take a nap so ha!

So the point is if you happen to talk to my kids in the next few days please don't tell them Santa is coming it will only wake them up and if they wake up I'm calling YOU!

On another note Abigail learned a great new phrase tonight during dinner. Well she didn't learn it at dinner she just decided to share during dinner. She was trying to get her mac and cheese and the noodle kept sliding away, she would stab and say"damn, damn, dam", stab and say "damn, damn, damn". I had to walk out of the room the first time and Grandma walked the other direction so that she wouldn't know we were laughing so hard we were crying. The second time though I told her that wasn't nice and young ladies didn't say that word. Do you think she learned, because as much as it shouldn't be damn it's funny! Maybe I should tell her Santa said no.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Family Bed

At 6AM this morning I made an awful mistake that ended with 3 two year olds in my bed in hopes of getting another hour of sleep. Abigail woke up at 6 this morning and for some bizarre reason I got up and got her and took her to my bed. Well of course Katie and James were awake as well so I ended up bringing them to our bed also.

Now let me tell you my general rule is wake up before 7 and you stay in your bed I don't answer to any alarm before 7. Occasionally one of the kids will wake up earlier and they will cry for a little while and go back to sleep.

What was I thinking? I knew better, I knew if one was awake all would be awake and I couldn't take one without them all. I would say I must have been half asleep but I had just gotten through telling Jim to just let her cry she would be ok, again let me adk what was I thinking......

2 years ago we got a new bed and Jim told me then we should get a king sized bed, but I didn't listen. Nope I said there was no way I was allowing my kids to sleep in our bed.

Anyone want to guess how many times I've woken Jim up in the middle of the night to say you have to go to the couch I need your side for the kids?

Ya guess I should have listened, off to bed now to recoup my hour of sleep!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Playing with Daddy and Dancing

Now let me start by saying Katie is sick however by the following video you would never know it. Also James is VERY wheezy today having had more than 3 Albuterol treatments but they both are acting like they are fine. Go figure. One hour prior to this Katie was laying on my lap whimpering and wouldn't let me put her down for dinner. I must have put something powerful in those fish sticks though because soon after she ate (on my lap) she was up dancing. Hmmm maybe it was lack of energy, did I feed them lunch today? Do raman noodles count for lunch?

Watch this video of my lovlies dancing.

And then Daddy and Abigail started a new game!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gingerbread houses and Santa

We had a wonderful holiday weekend starting with driving around seeing the Christmas decorations and ending with a visit to Santa. The kids loved looking at all the lights and the snowmen are great for bribing them when I'm ready to leave somewhere. Snowman, snowman, snowman they can't get enough and honestly neither can I!

We went to Grandmas last night to decorate gingerbread houses last night, I thought it was going to be a nightmare eating more than decorating not getting the whole idea but I was wrong. Well not totally they did eat WAY to much candy Katie put 2 layers of candy on her roof eating the first one. Aunt Katie helped Katie decorate hers, Uncle James helped James decorate his and mommy and Grandma took turns helping Abigail. They picked their own candy and put it exactly where they wanted taking very little advice or suggestions from us silly adults.

Today we went to the McMoms Christmas party a little late so we didn't get to party much put they needed a little nap. The kids were so excited to see Santa but only Katie would go near him and sit on his lap. Katie loves Santa she is just amazed by the big man in the red suit. James stopped about 10 feet away and grabbed hold of me and that's all the encouragement Abigail needed to do the same. So I sat on the floor consoling them while Katie saw him.

Finally I was able to sit down next to Santa and hold Abigail and James, while Santa held Katie and hopefully someone will share that picture with me soon since obviously I couldn't take it!

Ended the day with a nice fire that they pleaded with daddy to "turn it on", and some nice footy jammies. Oh its so cold I don't know how I'll ever get us out to the gym in the morning.......

Friday, December 7, 2007

Boring, Boring, Boring

I know I'm going to regret those words but they are so gloriously true! My life has been pretty boring this week well mostly anyways. Last week I had strep throat, how did that happen anyone know? The last time I had strep I was 18 years old and someone else took care of me, this time I get it I'm on my own taking care of three other people. I tried laying on the couch and whining but for some strange reason it didn't get me anything from the kids. I guess I need to train them a little better!

Then the triplets spent the weekend with Mimi and Grandpa YAY MIMI AND GRANPA, blissfully quiet. Did I spent that time cleaning house, or shopping? Nope, I spent 3 hours on Saturday working on things for the McMoms Vendor night we had on Tuesday, then I went to moms house and made gingerbread houses. That was pretty fun all the adults were there and we drank Gingerbread martinis, this weekend the kids get to decorate them. Let me tell you some of them are huge closer to apartment buildings than houses!
Sunday I did reorganize the 2 play rooms and put together the new picnic table so I did accomplish something at my house!

Tuesday was the dreaded Vendor night and the day started out awful, our electricity went out about 10 am and I still hadn't printed my documents for the night. At noon I loaded the kids into the car and we went to McDonalds, before this I had to unload Yayas from the washer where they were when the elect went out and put them in the sun in hopes they would dry before naps. Grandma met us at McDonalds and the kids did great they are minding so well in public I'm so proud! Then I abandoned them without electricity and went to Stacey's for the Vendor event. Thanks mom I appreciate all your help this week not sure what I would have done if you weren't off work! You rock!

The only other thing going on this week is me trying to go to the gym. A couple of weeks ago I won a 3 month membership at a gym and I've gone a couple of times my goal is 3 times per week but that hasn't happened yet. Katie pitches the biggest fit ever and just cries to go bye bye every time we go. I don't know what I'm supposed to do about that child I have to go she has to get over it but I hate it! Please tell me it gets better?

See pretty boring no sick kids, no horrible temper tantrums, no injury's, and no real drama!
Yay boring life! Now I need to go knock on a lot of wood before I jinx myself.