Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We have a tree

I finally got my tree up and an angel on top! Notice I didn't say anything about ornaments? Well we have about 10 paper mache ornaments that the kids have put on taken off the tree at least 30 times since nap time and that's all the ornaments we plan on this year. I was going to put glass ornaments on the top but I think this year I'll just have a few that won't break.

I got the tree out and up while the kiddos were napping today and I couldn't wait for them to wake up, I thought for sure they were going to think it was so cool. Well I was wrong Abigail was the first awake and to say she was terrified would be understating the truth. The poor child began crying the moment she saw it and clutched on me like never before and didn't let up for 30 minutes. I sat on the couch holding her trying to figure out what to do I couldn't very well live the next 4 weeks on the couch (though I do like the idea). Katie woke up and Abigail screamed the whole time I was gone. Katie was scared holding on a little tighter and she didn't want to touch it but finally she relaxed and just stared while I held Abby.

Finally I bribed them off the couch with animal crackers and they began really checking things out, and finally wanted to put things on it. YAY!!! James woke up and was in no way concerned he was more interested in the animal crackers, boys. I had the best time showing them the ornaments and letting them put them on the tree. I even got a little misty eyed watching, remembering decorating the tree when I was a little girl and how much I loved it.

Oh and if you notice Katie in the pictures, look at what she is wearing, any ideas?

On another note check out my family pic on the top don'tcha just love it!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas season has begun

I'm so excited the Christmas season has officially began! I know Santa has been in the mall for a week and Garden Ridge put their stuff out months ago but geez people lets get past Thanksgiving. There is even a radio station here that started playing Christmas music round the clock about a month ago.

I love Christmas it has to be the most fun holiday and time of the year, but this year I am especially excited. My kiddos are loving Santa, snowmen, and all things bright and shiny. They saw an ornament that is on top of my piano that is Santa on a surfboard from Hawaii and they point and say "Santa, Santa, Santa" over and over again. They tell everyone about Santa, and today they got Doodle Pros for their birthday and all they want is snowmen and pumpkins drawn for them.

Coming home last night from Grandmas one of the neighbors had their house lit up and they got all excited. I can't wait to take them to the mall to see Santa not sure they will sit on his lap but we will go look. Also driving around looking at lights and singing Christmas music.
Can you imagine anything better?

I got up at 6 am today and went shopping with Tracy and Mari. It was so much fun and I am DONE for my babies yay!!!! At least I plan to be through but you know how that really goes, you see something and somehow end up with it in the cart.

Toys R Us was a madhouse and the line was around the inside of the store so we left. We went to Target and I didn't see anything wonderful but it wasn't to crowded. We went to Walmart and ended up getting a second cart to carry all my loot!

Maybe Sunday I can get my Christmas tree up although I'm a little worried about 6 little hands pulling it down!

Can you tell I'm excited? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Terrible, sad day

Today will be marked on the calander as a day I'll never forget. My mil, bil, 3 nephews and niece are all visiting from CO for the week and today my sweet 10 year old nephew Joeseph was attacked by my dog. My sweet, loving Max attacked Joseph sending him to the hospital where he got well over 30 stiches in his leg, arm, and nose. His nose may require a plastic suregeon because it was punctured all the way through and down one nostril removing a chunk. He had a very deep bite in his leg that required two sets of stiches one inside and one out. His arm isn't as bad thankfully.

We have no idea what happened, Joseph walked out the back door closing it behind him to play with Max and Max attacked. This is so unlike my baby Max he has never so much as growled at my children even when they poked at him through his bed. The triplets run to the back gate when we get home on nice days to pet him and the only thing I've ever worried about was him knocking them down in excitement.

My mom has joked that Max was going to be my second set of eyes protecting the kids from harm. He became an outside dog after the triplets came home from the hospital because we worried that he might jump on the kids he was just a puppy only a year old and had so much energy when they came home.

We got Max in 2004 after Jims last test came back with almost no motile sperm and we were told we wouldn't have children without IVF. He was my baby he consoled me in my need, he was a 30 lb lap dog terrified of my moms cats. He used to sit on the floor with his head on my tummy while I was pregnant.

Animal contril came and took him away today to quarentine him for 10 days because he wasn't up to date on his shots and we released him to their care. After talking to the officer that came we signed him away because we just can't take any chances that he would attack our babies. The officer said that an animal that has attacked before is very prone to do it again.

Please say a prayer for my nephew tonight that he heals well and that my baby is treated well and knows how much I love him.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm learning new lessons daily from my trio, the newest is playing. When did the most simple fun things become so much dreaded work? I was watching my children today and I'm just amazed.

  • I dread doing dishes, not Katie she tells me all day long she wants to do the dishes.

  • I have to psych myself up to exercise, not my trio they play chase all day long and laugh so hard I can't believe they can keep going.

  • I am sick of vacuuming but James pushes that dang thing forever.

  • I see a couch and think a nice place to rest, Abigial sees the couch and removes the cushions and jumps and then jumps off.

When did I lose my fun? How did life become so boring? I am so addicted to my children's laugh, their squeals of joy make me infinitely happy. It is better than any drink or drug , if only it didn't always end in someone crying! Tomorrow I vow to tickle them at least 5 minutes just to hear those laughs and then hug them.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I hate Dr's

Ok not really but just for today can I say it? We had the kids 2 year check up yesterday and it was a horrific experience. I'll start with the good parts and then vent all my frustrations.
Stats Abigail 26# 50th % 32 1/2 inches 10th %
Katie 24# 8th% 31 3/4 inches 8th %
James 27# 35th% 33 inches 10th %
They all got their fingers pricked to check their cholesterol and a flu shot other than that no shots until 4. Katie had a little ear infection but with no symptoms so he is going to let it run it's course and gave us a rx in case she develops symptoms in the next 3-4 days. James has to start Singulair with his inhaler because he still coughs at night and wakes up wheezy. James also needs to be evaluated by ECI for speech development because he isn't progressing as well as the girls, he has a vocabulary of less than 50 words and doesn't put words together. I'm not concerned but I think he should just be evaluated to see if he needs further help.
Other than that they are perfect! We start vitamins and 2% milk.

Now the vent or should I call it a rant? Katie is terrified of Dr's and nurses this is after undergoing countless exams, x-rays, 8 courses of antibiotics including 2 rounds of Rocephen (daily shots for 3 days each time), ER visit for pneumonia that included a catheter, blood work , and xrays. This was all in a matter of 2 1/2 months. The poor child screams as soon as the nurse calls us back and doesn't stop until we leave.
Ok now that you have the background. The nurse calls us back and of course Katie freaks out clinging to Grandma who tells the nurse she is very scared, the nurse never spoke to Katie never tried to calm her down nothing. We get all 3 kids weighed and measured all screaming because if one is that upset they are all that upset and we go to a room. The nurse took my immunization records and didn't come back until later, notice I didn't mention she asked if anyone was on medication, if I had any concerns nothing. The Dr comes in looks at the charts and shakes his head he didn't speak to the kids, he didn't even look at them just sat down and opened the charts. James was first and he grabbed him from me and put him on the table for the exam, James had some snot in his nose so the Dr held his mouth closed to force him to breath out of his nose while screaming to force the snot out. He did this twice and I hope to never see it again by any Dr! He did the exam on all 3 children on the table with me holding the kids down instead of my lab where I could at least make them more comfortable. Every time I asked a question he interrupted me and at one point asked my mother if I was always so impatient? Can you believe this? Yes I am a rather impatient person but I know that if I didn't ask my questions as we went along there wouldn't be a chance.
He never so much as said anything to the kids not telling them what he was trying to do not making them comfortable again nothing! My mom said that someone that doesn't like children shouldn't be a pediatrician.
The nurse thought that it would be a good idea to do the finger prick on each child and then do the shots I quickly said uh no get both done so Grandma can comfort while we move along to the next child not hold them down twice.
We left got in the car and I swear I cried like a baby I feel like my children were manhandled and they were rude. I know my kids are only 2 and they aren't talking much but to not even say bye to sweet Katie that told them all bye every time they walked out of the room? Come on now.
So now we find a new pediatrician I guess how do I do this I don't know everyone is going to think I'm nuts since we already changed Dr's once.
Today I called the eye Dr to get their 2 year exam scheduled and was informed that he would only see 2 at one visit and we would have to come another day for the 3rd child. OK this is completely ridiculous since I have to take all 3 children why not see them!

OK I'm through I'm out of steam and besides if I don't go clean up the kids mess soon they will be awake and I won't get anything accomplished today.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Abigail, Katie, and James

I can't believe it my babies are 2, how did this happen? I can so clearly remember being pregnant and their birthday (well the actual birth anyway). I think I've fallen more and more in love with them since then and I don't even know how thats possible.

We have been talking about their birthday all week and so I don't think they realized until we got to their party that this was it. They were so excited when we got to Grandmas and their bounce house was their and and waiting for them. We got them dressed in their birthday clothes and we couldn't even get pics before the shoes were off and the kids were jumping.

They partied so hard and so well, didn't even get to sleep until 930, hopefully they will sleep late in the morning. Their Aunt Lori made the birthday cake isn't it great! We had shirts and sweaters but it was over 80 degrees outside and I think the girls were precious in their dresses!

They got lots of great presents, Grandpa and Mimi bought them a kitchen yay! They got dress up clothes can't wait and lots of new books.

Thanks Grandma for helping make this day so wonderful, you are the best for letting us use your house and then leave it a mess. I don't even want to imagine what I would do without you.

Love ya mom Thanks!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mom, mom, mommy!

Can someone tell me how I became mom? Up until a few days ago I was mommy, most of the time this was my very favorite word. However a couple of days ago Abigail decided to call me mom and today Katie decided she would follow suit! I keep correcting them I am not mom I am your mommy, I don't wanna be mom!
Big kids say mom, they are still babies they should be saying mommy right? I though for sure I had a couple more years before I lost that title.

On to other things...... I have been running around for 2 days now preparing for a birthday party! In my house talk of birthday parties leads to talk of cake, and bounce house, and balloons, and presents. They are so excited this year Katie is trying to sing Happy Birthday it is so cute, I should probably record all her singing so when she becomes famous I can replay it.

Mimi has been so good to me she came over yesterday to watch the kids while I registered for school (yay I got in I'm gonna be a vampire), and today she came over so I could finish the shopping. The girls were so upset yesterday when she left and today I was going to take James to get a hair cut but he wasn't leaving his Mimi. So we all went to get James's hair cut, he looks so cute with his big boy hair cut (sniff, sniff). When they woke up she was gone and they were just broken hearted, they love her so much. I'm so lucky to have a family that adores my kids and kids that adore their family even if sometimes that makes me second best.

Tonight I made banana bread to take to the NICU staff, last year I took cupcakes to them on their birthday and decided I would make it a tradition to celebrate the success of the NICU and the care they showed my babies when I couldn't. I know a lot of the staff will change but that's ok those nurses are taking care of others babies so it all works out in the end. It must be hard for them to see babies so sick and fragile, watch some as they die. I just want to thank them for what they do and what better time of the year!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Monkey see......

Today it was 80 + degrees outside and my children never got dressed, they wanted to get naked this morning and because we weren't going anywhere I let them run around in diapers and panties only. After nap Katie spied her monkey costume in the closet and really really wanted to wear it so I let her. Well what 1 does they all do.

It was 82 degrees in the house but that didn't stop them they all wore those costumes from 4 pm until dinner time at 630. At one point they were laying on the floor watching Elmo and they were wrapped up in a sleeping bag! What are they crazy? It was so hot in here I was considering turning the AC back on.

Guess when you are almost 2 your priorities are a little different its much better to be having fun than be comfortable.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

I love you,

you love me, we're as happy as can be.............. This was the song I heard from the back seat on the way home tonight. Thats right my baby girl Katie knows her some Barney!!!!!!!! Ok I swear they don't watch that much tv and have only been watching Barney for about a week now, I used the purple dinosaur to get away from the little red dude, I needed a break from Elmo. I have always sang that song to them even when they were in the NICU I used to sing it to them so I guess my singing didn't traumatize them to much.
I picked the monkeys up from Mimi and Grandpas tonight and can you believe no one wanted to come home with me? What is wrong with my children they haven't seen me since Thursday? Really am I that hard to live with. I think they just get way to spoiled over there and heck if I was them I wouldn't want to come home either. Lets see staying with PaPa that gives me everything or Mommy that loves that word no? Hmm tough desicion.
On another note James seems to be wheezing a lot and had to have a couple of albuterol puffs. Hopefully that is just because they played so much outside, keep your fingers crossed.

So what did I accomplish on my 2 days off? I got my closet cleaned out I filled 2 garbage bags with clothes that no longer fit! I cleaned the bathroom, 4 loads of laundry washed dryed and put away, cleaned the counter (well almost), caught up on TV, did some Christmas browsing and ate way to much of the wrong food. Not much for 2 days huh? It was kind of nice and peaceful.
When can they come back Mimi and PaPa?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Where have I been?

Oh well lets just say I "forgot" I needed to write! Oops such a slacker lately. Life has been pretty hectic, why you ask? Because I have triplets that are almost 2 duh! Oh my I can't believe they are really gonna be 2 in just one week how did that happen. I swear all I did was blink.

Last night my local moms group had our board meeting which is held in the hospital that the kids were born in. It really makes me nostalgic when I go there but last night really reminded me of how far we have come. It was just 2 years ago that everything spiraled out of control.....

Monday Nov 7, 2005 I went to the hospital because the contraction monitor was showing to many contractions and my terbutiline dose couldn't go up anymore that night. There I met the worst nurse ever she had no compasion and took forever getting the heartbeats of all three babies and then checked my cervix boy was that painful. Even though I was contracting like crazy my cervix was still holding strong like iron so home I went.

Tuesday I wake up or finally decide I can't fight it anymore and get up and set up my morning routine pee in a cup test for protein none, take my bp and sent results just a little high, set up for my home contraction monitoring. The nurse calls and makes me take my bp every 30 min for 2 hours and call her back. Still elevated so I went to see Dr Allen and my bp was still up but now I have protein in my urine and um I've gained 5 lbs since the day before! What? Off to the hospital I go, I remember telling the nurse I was going home the next day when she left I was certain I wouldn't be seeing her again. Mag starts not so bad at least they let me eat. The next day headache from HELLLLLL begins and I'm told the triplets are making there appearance the next day. My head hurt so bad we sat in a dark quiet room all night my mom getting warm blankets from the nurse every 30 min as they turn down the air for me.

And then..............Abigail, Katie and James entered the world breaking my heart and filling it with the most wonderful feelings ever.

More about that later sorry not sure where all that came from.

Off to bed, no kids tonight yay Mimi and Grandpa you guys rock!