Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Watch what you say

Well it happened to me today, I finally had that mommy moment that made me want to crawl under the buggy with my head hung in shame.

We got out for our first real let loose trip to the grocery store today since getting sick almost a month ago (or maybe it was more than a month ago, I've seriously lost track of time). As we are going down the aisle I told the kids to wait with me while someone passed us. I heard Katie say something but I didn't pay to much attention I thought I heard what she said but dismissed it as not possible coming from my angelic 3 year old.

Fast forward to the line..
The same lady from the aisle is in front of us and Katie looks at the lady throws her arms up in the air in her sweetest voice says.......

"move out of our way lady".

I don't even know what I was thinking at that moment I was truly dumbfounded, at least until the lady looks at her and says " I already did that once".
To which I realize that yep that is what my angelic 3 year old said before in the aisle.

The lady was nice about it and did say that she has a 2.5 year old grandchild so she understood. But really what kind of mother teaches that to their child?

I guess I need to be more careful about what I say in the car as that is the only time I can think that I would say such a thing, little ears are always paying attention!


Dorinda said...

They always surprise us by what they say don't they?!! Kaitlyn has asked me why someone was so big right in front of the woman!! I so wanted to hide. We don't have to teach them - somehow they know...

I love your new blog header! That is so nice :)

Misty said...

OH that is too funny! I can only image what mine will be saying! Thanks for the heads up!
I love the new blog look!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

I like the new look too!

I never feel worse than when I hear one of my kids parrot something I wish I had never said in front of them. Actually - it isn't the words nearly as often as it is the TONE used. Especially where my daughter is concerned.

Word Verification: piderspo

is that pig latin for spider poo?

Following Him said...

Love the new look!

That is really not that bad...I promise :) I once had a kid step on my feet, tell me to move outta the way, and then yell at me. I know it sounds awful, but keep doing what you are doing!

Hilary said...

hehehe!! That was funny!! Yor blg looks very jazzy too!! have a great week :) Kids :)

Jennifer said...