Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Carols

I know I said no more posts until after Christmas but I couldn't help sharing our little pageant!




JAMIE'S CREW said...

So stinkin' cute are those videos!!!! The kids are cute too!

So, a phlebotomist, huh? Do you work at a hospital or like Carter BloodCare? This is the time of year I really need to get over to Carter's - they called me a week or two ago.....

Dorinda said...

Oh my word! That is soo cute - there's probably a contest you can enter that in - totally love it. And then they tell you not to sing :) Priceless!! Definitely one of the best concerts I've ever been too!!

Love it! I may steal it and put a link on my blog if that's okay - I cannot believe my girls will be singing next year - blows my mind. They're just now getting a little easier - and way cuter :)

gilloth/Edina said...

This is very cute!